The founder of Amma Marketing wants to sell services like website design and development and digital marketing services to his clients. If someone has any query, they can ask by clicking on the contact button. Our team created a dynamic WordPress website that the main objective of the project was to make it easy for clients to find the best digital marketing services. Moreover, our team members put their all efforts to develop the application into the final results.


A dynamic website with a cheerful and easy-to-navigate design to help the clients in finding the services for their business. Our client wanted access to skilled talent for an immediate need and to develop an online system for marketers.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Showcase all the services on the home page
  • Open the popup by clicking the button
  • Creating the contact form on the popup
  • After submitting the form, automatically mail is delivered to the owner
  • In the blog section, click on the load button and fetch data on this page


  • To showcase the popup on the Contact Us button. We used the Popup Maker Plugin to configure it and define the custom class to add the button and show the popup.
  • Show the contact form by clicking the contact us button using the contact form 7 shortcode on popup maker plugin content editor. And submit the contact form to send the admin user through the mail.
  • We are using jQuery and Ajax to request the server and fetch all the data to the next page with the loading page.