What is Zend?

About Zend framework, Zend is free of cost that is a part of PHP, Also it is definitely object-oriented.
Zend is most empowered by function and features that makes Zend different from other frameworks. We cannot forget the thousands of components and library and much more. it’s an MVC based architecture that enables web app development is much more popular and efficient.

Zend is free for all source PHP based object-oriented, is used to develop web applications. Its different features make it popular among many developers and its community is largely supported by a huge online group. Zend web applications are very protected and perform well.

Features of Zend PHP framework

  • MVC made PHP Architecture
  • Autoloading of the class system
  • Largest Community
  • Reusable Code

These all make, Zend a very powerful and good tool for both the developer as well as the development company.