What is Yii?

Yii is free for all framework that backs upon an object-oriented programming architecture. The website support and adaptability is presently compatible with it, which keeps the code all compatible and causes the applications to develop significantly faster. It is one of the best PHP structures that makes developing elite PHP based sites, easier and quicker.
We can’t deny the fact that PHP is the best language today. Today PHP gives each organization a powerful language to build web applications, it also caters them with multiple options. Yii is one such rising PHP based language that a designer ought to consider because of its multiple setup and functionalities.

Features of YII

  • Many Ajax Widgets
  • Essential Built-in Authentication Support
  • Flexible Skinning and Theming Mechanism
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Following the XHTML Standards
  • Support for Third Party Code
  • Better Error Handling and Logging Features
  • Better Support For Functionality Tests
  • Better Support For Data Caching, Page Caching, Fragment Caching, and Dynamic Content