What is Drupal content management framework?

Drupal is free for all software that can be used by individuals or bunch of users — even those devoid of technical skills — to easily create and manage multiple types of Web sites. The application is comprised of a content management platform and a dev. framework.

Drupal is worded in the PHP programming language. The software is ready-to-use right after download and also comprises of a Web-based installer and add-on modules. The software supports a lot of content management, collaborative authoring, newsletters, podcasts, image galleries, peer-to-peer networking, file uploads/downloads and much more.

Drupal was born as a bulletin board system created by Dries Buytaert in the Netherlands and came to be known as an Open Source project in 2001. When forming his original Drop.org Website, Buytaert wanted to name the site “dorp” (meaning “village” in Dutch), but made a typing error when checking the domain name, and thought the altered form sounded better. (Drupal content management framework is a vocab of the Dutch ” Drupal ” which means ‘droplet’). Drupal has been famously downloaded over tens of millions of times and is the epicenter of a large online development community.

Types of websites that Drupal can be applied for include:

  • all kinds of blogs
  • personal or corporate or other Web sites
  • different portals
  • different forums
  • many e-commerce sites
  • different intranets
  • multiple resource directories
  • various social networking sites.