Server Support and Maintenance Services

Server Maintenance is the process of keeping the server updated and ensure that the organization ‘s computer system network operating in a good manner.

What is Server maintenance?

Server Maintenance is the process of keeping the server updated and ensure that the organization ‘s computer system network operating in a good manner. Several cases, the network can even experience failure and the result of losses the business productivity and integrity.

That’s why server maintenance is the important factor for the organization. it’s just like you go to the doctor for regular check-ups to make sure everything is healthy, servers also need to be regularly monitored to make sure that all the component of the network is working correctly or not.

Here the point to think that servers take care of all your data, it is important to watch your server and properly care for them so that you don’t lose the valuable information in case of an error.

Let’s understand this thing in a practical scenario likewise when you create username and password that allow you to login onto any computer in your office, your information is being stored on your servers. This is why you can save documents and pictures on one computer and still be able to open them on another.

WebePower is the one-stop solution of your server maintenance. We are providing different methodology and techniques for maintenance. In fact, we closely loot at vulnerability statements made by software and hardware so that we can patch your server against attacks. Also, watch your security logs for evidence of intrusion attempts so that you have the opportunity to block these users.

Lets look at some intervals for server maintenance.

1)Daily Server checks

There are a bunch of things that you need to check every day when you are responsible for a server maintenance plan.

WebePower providing the server checks on a regular basis so that we can identify the updates including your virus scanners database and other critical software updates which can prevent the zero-day attack. We are using different techniques and methods to identify the attacks on the server. In the result, we can identify the types of server attacks and block them.

2)Weekly Server Checks

WebePower providing the weekly server checks services also. In this, the respected organization can update their server on a weekly basis.

Another check you should do weekly or even every two weeks is your disk usage. Again disk usage rarely suddenly changes so its not something you need to check every day.

3)Monthly Server Checks

WebePower recommend that you optimize your database every two months, database fragmentation occurs at a rate of up to 6% per month and over the fragmentation will really hit the performance of your database.
However, the traffic on the server vary a lot it can be useful to limit application turning to once every two months so that you can get a good measure of your database performance and stability.

4)Real Time Server Checks

We are listed plenty of points you need to check every day, but some checks must be done in real-time.
However, it happens when the load occurs on the server and server face the downtime that is costly for the organization. WebePower is providing the real-time server checks so that we can identify the downtime failure and the traffic on the server.

What should you look at when buying a server maintenance plan?

When buying a plan, make sure the plan includes on-site service hours.
Server management plans generally have a fixed monthly rate.
With WebePower we are providing the maintenance with the minimum cost so that the small and large business can afford the services.

Who uses server maintenance plans?

Any company that uses system and network should have a server maintenance plan.

What is the main point here?

Server plays a huge and important role in everyday computer usage and handling the numbers of request from the client-side. They require proper care just like anything else you consider important.
So take the time to set up a service plan so you can clearly see what your server need and when. Connect with WebePower once and we will update you the plans and the best option from our side.

IT Support services offered by WebePower:

-•- Server Management
-•- System Backup & Restore
-•- Emergency Support
-•- Network Troubleshooting
-•- Remote Installation
-•- Proficient in AWS services like VPC, EC2, S3, ELB, AutoScalingGroups (ASG), EBS, RDS, IAM, Cloud Formation, Route 53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front, Cloud Trai
-•- Installing the required software Patch, Package as per the customer request.
-•- Security management (assigning file/directory permission
-•- Providing network level security using Selinux, TCP wrappers and IP Tables, firewalled.
-•- Applying Quotas on the file system and maintaining the Linux File System
-•- Providing support on Apache, Tomcat, Node and Samba Web Servers


Web Server management:

-•- Monitoring and maintenance of the servers
-•- Maximization of server resources.
-•- Server integration of new websites including domain name settings, email accounts and HTTP/Web Settings.
-•- Security upgrades and patches management.
-•- Emergency Backup and Migration.
-•- Security updates for server software
-•- Correcting problems with critical services (Web Server, Mail Server, SQL, FTP, DNS, Control Panel)
-•- Software/script installation

Mail Server management:

-•- Cannot send and/or receive mail using webmail and/or Outlook Express
-•- Mails from/to specific mail accounts/mail servers stops working
-•- Heavy incoming/outgoing spam causes server downtime, and blacklisting of the server IP
-•- “No User/Account by that name” Error message, even when the specific mail account actually exists

System Logs management:

-•- Review service pack and hotfix installation history
-•- Review hard disk usage and health reports
-•- Review system backup process and disaster recovery status

Database Server management:

-•- Setup the database maintenance plans for the backup and recovery.
-•- Plans for the periodic truncate of the transaction logs for the better performance.
-•- Database backup and restore service.

Managed services and security, Apart from this all servers undergo a rigorous security hardening procedure with hardware and software firewalls, and come with a library of customized scripts that we use to automate tedious tasks, such as log file rotation and lot more.
We do scan the server with PCIDSS provider on regular interval and follow all there instructions.

We monitor all externally accessible services running on your server. If our monitoring system detects and problems with your server or a particular service, our dedicated team of server administrators is immediately notified of the issue, and they start working to resolve the issue. You can rest easy knowing that we’re monitoring your server and resolving any issues in a proactive manner.

We install security and non-security related upgrades for all of the software that’s included on your server. You can count on us to install critical security related hotfixes within hours of their release. Non-critical security issues and non-security related upgrades are rolled out on a weekly basis.

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