WooCommerce is a open source plugin, or functionality-focused extension, for WordPress. It has been again and again downloaded over thirteen million times and powers almost 37% of all online stores. When integrated into a WordPress website, WooCommerce shows up in basic product management, order processing, and shopping cart and other related functionalities.


From businesses to individuals whomsoever wants to own a long-term professional ecommerce site which is scalable as well, you should have Magento on your priority list. It is considered to be the best open source platform to generate your online store. Magento gives you the complete control of the look, functionality and feel of your web site by offering you a self-sufficient tool.


PrestaShop is a free for all e-commerce solution that is used conveniently by more than 1,20,000 online stores world over. It comes with over 275 powerful features that are being carefully developed in order to shoot-up business owners’ sales with very few efforts required. All other software features are absolutely free.


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OpenCart is a free to use e-commerce software used to develop online stores so as to set up your own online business and run your own e-commerce store cost-effectively. OpenCart has a strong set of features that gives you a command over the customization of your store. With OpenCart’s opulent tools, you can help your online shop reach its true potential. You can just simply install, select your own template, add the products and you are ready to start accepting orders.