Magento Performance / Speed Optimization

To scale up the performance of the eCommerce Store, schedule plan to migrate from magento 1 to magento 2.

Magento is an open-source platform written in PHP, and it also uses some other PHP framework such as Laminas and Symphony. Magento 2 introduced on Model, View, and View Model pattern to speed up the eCommerce Store performance. Magento 2 is considerable faster as compare to Magento1 or any other platform. It also supports all the latest PHP module SEO friendly features.


How do we do speed optimization


There are the following things we do for speed optimization, which are listed below

  • Proper installation and configuration varnish
  • Always use CDN in the place of the complete script file
  • Reduce image payload
  • Remove the unwanted module from the website
  • It is the best practice to debug and fix code in loading time
  • Always go with advanced js bundle
  • Make better use of cache and improve cache hit ratio
  • Proper analysis of GT Matrix report and apply appropriate solutions
  • Check and set all the configuration on the Magento store which is required to improve the performance

Our Magento speed optimization includes

There are the following things we especially work on to optimize Magento store performance.


Check web server

We constantly monitor the webserver configuration and also lookout venerability in its configuration. We also check for fine-tuning of a web server.



Sometimes session and other client-related information are being kept in the database, which is not the best practice performance-wise. So maintaining session and other information at the client-side means store into the cache. So tuning of the cache is maintained by the experts


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Media file optimization

Media file optimization is one of the ways to optimize the performance of the store. Media data include an image file, video file and many more. We can reduce the media file size to make it load faster and optimize embedded video content..


Database optimization

We have well-experienced developers who are well versed to maintain reading database and writing database separately, which is most efficient for your Magento store in terms of performance-wise


Proper use and configuration of CSS and Javascript

There are many considerations to keep eyes open, such as improper CSS configuration, unnecessary inheritance, minifying CSS and JavaScript, and error rectification for better performance.


Code optimization

It was optimizing previous core code with the default code that reduced your Magento store efficiency. So optimization of the code will increase the performance of the store.

The benefit of choosing us

There are certain benefits you will get on choosing us, which are given below.
  • We have a dedicated team of certified developer and solution specialist who are well-versed to provide an effective solution and looked into the exact problem to speed up your store performance
  • We have several years of experience to serve our esteemed clients worldwide
  • Our esteemed developers develop everything as per the best practice in the magneto
  • Our dedicated customer support is always ready to assist you in a 24/7 work environment

Why speed optimization is required?

As we know, that slow speed site has a very low conversion rate, low sales, a one-second delay in page loading time can cause losing potential customers, while the performance-wise faster website has a low bounce rate with a high conversion rate. An optimized website also gives an amazing experience to the users. So for getting optimum output from the store, it should be necessary to optimize. 


Move into PHP 7

It is the best practice to use PHP 7 or later version because PHP 7 and later version is much compatible with the Magento 2.0 or later version. You can also improve your Magento store performance by upgrading from an older version to the updated PHP version, which is 7.0 or a later version.


Magento Varnish configuration

As we know that Magento 2 supports full page cache via varnish natively; You can transfer much traffic by enabling this option without affecting page speed. Varnish configuration will take over caching of most of the website in the production model.


Enable flat catalogue option

The limitation with magento 2 is the read speed of the database. Still, you can overcome it by enabling the flat catalogue option by going into from store; you will see the catalogue tab option. In the catalogue tab option, you have to go to the catalogue option, where you see the storefront option to choose the yes option to enable this option.


Javascript minification/Minify CSS

The Use of minifying CSS and javascript can boost up your store performance. To do that, just go into store->configuration->advanced->developers->java script setting. You will see javascript setting in the developer section, select all the yes option from the drop-down menu and expand the CSS to merge the CSS file.


Frequently Asked Questions

Maintain the session and other information, including a full-page at the client-side to optimize page performance

Yes, it has been seen that most of the visitors bounce back due to poor page loading speed. It is necessary to give the best user experience, which can be possible by optimizing store page loading speed to retain customer

CDN is known as a Content delivery network, which means suppose you will use javascript of CSS file. You can use CDN to access all the javascript file and function that are already written