Magento payment Module Service

Are you looking to enhance default store functionality for your online store? If yes, you can achieve your objective with the help of the Magento 2 extension.

Making the payment is one of the crucial steps for the customer during shopping from any eCommerce platform. As per the research, it is found that a significant chunk of customers does not prefer to buy from those eCommerce stores that do not provide any credible payment gateway for making payment activities.
However, Magento 2 payment module service is an online service that allows you to make payments online. If your store is based on the Magento 2 instance and is looking to integrate a payment gateway compatible with your ecommerce store, we are here to serve you. So, WebePower comes up with the most cost-effective and value rendering Magento 2 payment service to your eCommerce store worldwide.


Why is it necessary?

There are several benefits you can get with the help of the magento2 extension


If you are looking to showcase your online magento2 store worldwide, it isn’t easy to collect payment physically. So payment module integration enables your customer to buy products remotely by making payments through payment module service. On the other hand, it offers security measures by checking card validity, encryption of transaction data, and ensuring that data is being sent to the correct location.
The payment gateway also comes with other exciting features such as report generation, refund request handling, payment settlement and account reconciliation, and many more. Businesses who integrate payment gateway in their existing store may get the greater chance to generate new sales leads.

What we offer

Our certified Magento 2 developers offer a high-quality payment module creation service that enables clients to expand their business online. We integrate payment gateway with Magento store and accept all the possible debit and credit cards from all over the world

Our experienced Magento developer come up with all major payment gateway with their API are listed below.


Our objective is to offer a very reliable and user-friendly shopping cart with the top payment module creation service. It helps to shop owners to provide a more satisfying experience to their customers

How to develop a payment module service

There are several benefits you can get with the help of the magento2 extension

When you plan to develop a customize payment module, it is first to identify which payment system you want to integrate into your magneto store and the number of methods you wish to provide your customers. If magneto2 store has supported multiple currencies, created payment module should be outfitted within the exchange currency function.
So let us develop a customize payment module for the Magento 2 store by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • First, choose the necessary configuration file and function. For example payment.xml file, which is located in the /etc/payment folder
  • Now you need to set up a server-side model and parameters. for example, Model->payment->simple.php
  • Now implement all the changes regarding front-end required to display payment method to the customer (View->frontend->web->js->view->payment->simple.js) and method is renderer/simple-method.js
  • Further, make sure to implement payment-processing-model, which is( view->front-end->web->template->payment->simple.html)

Features of payment module service offered by us

We are ready to offer some exciting payment module service that makes your store accessible globally

  • Customized payment gateway integration
  • Multi support payment gateway solution
  • Multi-currency conversion facility
  • Payment security with best encryption and decryption techniques
  • Our payment gateway service reduce geographical barriers
  • Real-time instant transaction information related to the account

Features of payment module service offered by us

It is an online payment solution, and it is basically easy to install and integrate with Magento 2 eCommerce store. So, the Payment module service allows the store owner to accept payment worldwide from debit and credit cards. Moreover, It is a highly secure and reliable payment system.

Earlier problem

Many Magento payment gateway service provider accepts payment through debit card and credit card. Still, most people do not have a debit card or any PayPal account to make a transaction. Also, many of them do not know to operate a PayPal account. Only a significant amount of people use their debit cards to make transactions online.


Magento 2 payment module service certainly supports almost all banks and their debit card to make their payment online. Payment made using the Magento 2 payment gateway is reliable and secure. However, Magento 2 payment gateway makes it easy to generate transaction reports and handle refund processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Magento 2 payment module supports accepting payment at the international level.

There are following types of payment module API support magento2 store are listed below.

  • Paypal
  • Reply
  • ICICI pays seal
  • Citibank payment gateway
  • CCAvenue

Integration of payment module service in existing magento 2 store enables you to showcase your Magento store worldwide, resulting in increased store sales performance with the increased customer base.

Your transaction data is being secured using the best encryption-decryption techniques. We make sure that your transactional data, such as card information and other secure data, is confidential, and no one can steal it.