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Magento2 API is used to reduce the burden on the developer solders while developing any new mobile application. Magento2 API framework provides integrators to the developers to easily use any web service that communicates with the magento2 system.


The key feature of the Magento2 API framework

  • Magento2 supports REST( representational State Transfer) and SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • There are three types of authentication available
  • Third-party authentication
  • Mobile application authentication using tokens
  • Login based authentication for administrator and customers both
  • Magento API also check request authorization to use resource
  • Any third party service can be configured as a web API by adding a few lines of code in the .xml file
  • Magento2 API framework mainly relies on two models such as Search and CRUD, but it does not support webhooks
  • Magento 2 API provides web API response field filtering to conserve mobile bandwidth
  • The best part of the Magento API framework that any Single API call can run multiple webs at a particular time

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What can we do with the Magento2 Web API?

Magento2 web API can be used to perform a variety of task, such as:


Developing a shopping app

You can create a shopping app that employee use it for the shopping purpose.


Android App Testing

You can integrate with ERP and CRM back ends system like Salesforce and Xero.



Widget creation

You can create a JavaScript widget on the admin panel using Magento2 Web API.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

SOAP is the widely used web service access protocol that Microsoft is developing


SOAP specifies a protocol-based standard communication for XML message exchange using other communication transport protocol such as HTTP(Hypertext transfer protocol) and SMTP(Simple mail transfer protocol). SOAP is applied to the enterprise level web service that requires a complex level transaction—for example, API for financial services, identity management, payment gateway and other telecommunication.


SOAP can be a little complicated for beginners, especially debugging web services. SOAP required high bandwidth and more number of resources which might turn the page speed quite low.

REST (Representation state transfer)

REST API is being come in light to overcome the constraint that is with the SOAP. REST is not a protocol, but it is the service architectural style. It defines the set of recommendation for a loosely coupled application that uses HTTP for data transmission.


REST API is known for its flexible architecture that allows various other messaging formats such as HTML, XML, JSON and many more. REST is quite a lightweight API in comparison to SOAP and capable of loading page in few seconds


For accessing data using REST, use multiple round trips to collect the data.
REST request always return the full set of data, and there is no way to limit to access data

GraphQL (Representation state transfer)

GraphQL is new in the API section, and it allows you to think a new way about the Magento API. GraphQL is an API design architecture but comes in the market with a different approach, and it is more flexible in comparing to others. Conclusively, it is clear that GraphQL can solve the array of weaknesses faced with the REST API.


In GraphQL, everything is regarded as a graph, and all the graphs are interconnected with each other, which means you can request the specific need, which is not possible with the REST. You are also free to specify the limit for the response data you require to process the request


GraphQL is not well suited with other APIs, and another limitation is the built-in caching report.
As you see that GraphQL has replaced the SOAP and REST, but it makes things a little bit complex, and this is the reason GraphQL has attained the top position in performance wise among other API


Magento2 API opportunity

Magento2 API allows performing a wide variety of task. For example, suppose you have developed a web application for your customer and employee; Magento2 API provides a provision to integrate API with the existing integrated system


Why Magento 2 API for mobile application

Undoubtedly, due to the increasing number of mobile users today, there is even a higher number of desktop users in some other countries. Most of the Magento store owner realized these trends and developed a mobile application to attract customer. It takes months to be developed any web application but using pre-developed ready to use magento2 API saves your time and efforts and delivers the application to the store in the shortest time


Magento 2 API(SOAP+REST+GraphQL)

When we think about the Magento2 web API, GraphQL, REST and SOAP comes to mind, and because of it, we have come up with the combined solution to create the best Magento 2 Web API.
Let us see explore in details

Frequently Asked Questions

Magento2 API is the architecture that allows developer and integrator in an immeasurable manner to get maximum output from the web services by interacting with the Magento System.

There are three types of authentications available in the Magento2 API: third-party authentication, token-based authentication, and credential-based authentication.

No, Magento2 API fully supports SOAP, REST and GraphQL.

First, you have to create a web service user on Magento admin, then create new integration on Magento admin and last, configure the authentication.